Friday, October 9, 2009

Make your IPv4 site IPv6 enabled ... easy and free

Make your IPv4 site IPv6 enabled ... easy and free ... via

Enable IPv6 for your website

Welcome to the IPv6 website Proxy. This portal empowers you to make your current IPv4 website reachable via IPv6.

Your website will only be available via this IPv6 proxy service if you'd add an AAAA record in your current DNS settings. This means that your website IPv6 addre ss has to resolve to the following address: 2a00:d00:ff:131:94:228:131:131

So, if you've a website called "", you should add the following DNS entry to the DNS zone of
" AAAA 2a00:d00:ff:131:94:228:131:131"

The final step you should take is filling in the name of the website you would like to proxy.

For that last step, go to the mentioned URL.

That's it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dutch Weather Forecast via IPv6

Found via (a site with an overview of IPv6 enabled sites): the Dutch weather forecast of the KNMI is available via IPv6: .

Addresses: 2001:610:178:ec::96