Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Netherlands IPv6 - KPN versus Ziggo

Based on the measurements from Worldipv6launch you can see the status of IPv6 in the Netherlands of the two biggest ISPs KPN and Ziggo (October 2016):

Hacked together in one overview with KPN in orange and Ziggo in red:


  • KPN is at 9% IPv6 traffic, with a nice rise in August and September 2016: +3% in two months.
  • Ziggo is at 8% IPv6 traffic, and ... going down. Ziggo's IPv6 rollout looked very promising in Q1-2016 going from about 1% to almost 9%, but since then it's declining. So that looks like Ziggo has stopped deploying IPv6 to more customers. EDIT: or Ziggo is migrating users from the UPC-AS to Ziggo-AS without giving them IPv6?
I'm curious what the situation will be in a few months. To be continued ...