Monday, February 23, 2009

AVM partners with Freenet to make Fritz!Box IPv6 enabled'

The good news: AVM is going to provide firmware for their Fritx!Box 7270 that does IPv6. The bad news: the IPv6 is going to be based on 6to4 (with the 2002: addresses), which is horribly unreliable: your 6to4 IPv6 traffic will be handled by unspecified gateways around the world.

From the page 'AVM partners with Freenet to make Fritz!Box IPv6 enabled':

'AVM partners with Freenet to make Fritz!Box IPv6 enabled'

German broadband end-user equipment developer AVM, partnering with the technical department of the German ISP Freenet, has made its DSL modem line Fritz!Box compatible with the IPv6 Internet protocol. IPv6 will also be available for standard DSL connectivity in the future. To achieve this, AVM will use the 6to4 tunnelling technique to allow transport of IPv6 traffic using IPv4 addresses. AVM is placing a premium on transparency in implementation and has incorporated extensive technical documentation (RFC) for IPv6 to this end. AVM will make firmware with IPv6 available for downloading for its frontrunner model, the Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270 during this year's CeBIT.

But it is a first IPv6 step, of course coming from technology driven Germany. ;-)

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