Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dutch ISP Introweb does IPv6 (-only)

The Dutch ISP "Introweb" is now offering IPv6 over ADSL. See the Dutch information here:

It's good to see that an ISP actually offers IPv6 instead of talking about what others should do in the RSN future. ;-(

A few things are especially noteworthy:
  • It's a IPv6-only connection. So you need a separate plain IPv4 connection. I think this will mislead IPv6 newcomers that IPv6 needs different hardware, connections, etc.
  • It only costs 6 Euro per month.
  • Only available for a limited number of customers
  • Using a Cisco 8xx DSL router

Furthermore: Introweb has it's own website on IPv6 too: http://[2001:1690:2:4::1:3]/

Kudo's to Introweb for doing IPv6!

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