Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gmail is on IPv6! [UPDATE: Only selected ISPs]

UPDATE: Gmail is indeed on IPv6, but only via ISPs participating in "Google over IPv6". The post below was on a KPN Hotspot, which is connected to Xs4all, which is such a participator.
Pity. Normal users with non-IPv6 ISPs have to wait. :-(

Wow, Gmail is on IPv6! See the output below, and the screendump with IPv6 addres in right lower corner.

Compliments to Google! Google seems to be the only company that *does* IPv6 instead of only *talks* IPv6.

sander@quirinius:~$ host mail.google.com
mail.google.com is an alias for googlemail.l.google.com.
googlemail.l.google.com has address
googlemail.l.google.com has address
googlemail.l.google.com has address
googlemail.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:8005::53
googlemail.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:8005::11
googlemail.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:8005::12
googlemail.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:8005::13

sander@quirinius:~$ ping6 -c4 mail.google.com
PING mail.google.com(2a00:1450:8001::11) 56 data bytes
64 bytes from 2a00:1450:8001::11: icmp_seq=1 ttl=53 time=162 ms
64 bytes from 2a00:1450:8001::11: icmp_seq=2 ttl=53 time=80.2 ms
64 bytes from 2a00:1450:8001::11: icmp_seq=3 ttl=53 time=88.8 ms
64 bytes from 2a00:1450:8001::11: icmp_seq=4 ttl=53 time=75.4 ms

--- mail.google.com ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 3007ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 75.440/101.726/162.418/35.367 ms


Unknown said...

I'd have to disagree, there's no AAAA record for imap.gmail.com, smtp.gmail.com, any of the gmail MX records etc...
so while I can get to the web interface @mail.google.com using ipv6 it's not exactly useful for anything until the rest of the service gets IPv6 addresses as well

Anonymous said...


you may be able to access the web interface over IPv6 - but they don't do SMTP over IPv6 - so any email sent from a @gmail.com address towards an IPv6-only mail server is gonna go to the lost packets limbo . . .

Anonymous said...

Too bad this breaks SPF...