Friday, October 1, 2010

IPv6 test sites

Here's an overview of sites that can test your IPv6 connectivity and give a bit more information than "you're connecting over ...":

  • hard core IPv6-test site, no frills, links to a nice iGoogle Gadget "IPv6 Checker"
  • beautiful IPv6-test site which does see Teredo IPv6 connectivity on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but strangely enough awards 0 points for that
  • beautiful IPv6-test site, including a speed test, but does not see any Teredo IPv6 connectivity on Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • iGoogle Gadget "IPv6 Checker" is here : runs embedded in your iGoogle ( Shows details about your IPv6, including Teredo and name resolving



Jason Fesler said...

I'd love if it, if you tried again - and if you still get 0/10 for IPv6, but it saw teredo, to use the comment form. That way I can look into your specific test case.

fil said...

There's a good tool to check the compatibility of a computer with the IPV6 that is called IPV6 Checker, is free