Monday, January 2, 2012

Dutch ISP Telfort conducting IPv6 pre-pilot based on 6RD

The Dutch ISP Telfort ( has started a IPv6 pre-pilot based on 6RD. 6RD stands for "IPv6 Rapid Deployment", and is an adapted 6to4 tunnel technology: in 6RD, the tunnel end point is defined, and is owned by the tunnel provider or ISP. This results in a more predictable and thus reliable IPv6 tunnel service. 6RD is used by the French ISP "Free", and others. More details on

Telfort offers the IPv6 service on two modems: the ZyXEL 2601HN-F1 (with BLV.7 test firmware) and the 2812HNU-F1 with TUE.2 firmware.

After applying for the pre-pilot, the user sets up the IPv6 service in his modem in two steps:

WAN-side: select IPv6, and then 6to4 tunneling with 6RD enabled:

Then IPv6 is actived on the LAN side:

The IPv6 address scheme is like this: 2a00:cd8:::/64. An example Telfort IPv6 address is thus 2a00:cd8:c3f1:66e2::1

... to be continued ...

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