Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Netflix and "This webpage has a redirect loop"

Suddenly Netflix was not working anymore: my Chrome on Ubuntu Linux said "This webpage has a redirect loop" on www.netflix.com.

Netflix advised to clear my cookies.

The real cause was different: IPv6, and possibly my Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel.

After disabling IPv6 in Chrome with the startup command "google-chrome --disable-ipv6", Netflix was working again.

Great. Not.

EDIT: I found a dirty workaround: I put this into my /etc/hosts www1.netflix.com

... and now a plain google-chrome startup (so with IPv6 enabled) leads to a working Netflix!


Thijs Kroesbergen (@TheIceCoMa) reports a Netflix problem with Sixxs IPv6:


@NetflixNL IPV6 on the http://netflix.com  site is broken (connection timeout on the first HTTPS request) coming from a SiXXS tunnel.


Windows 7 & Chrome on the same LAN (so: with tunneled IPv6) correctly works with Netflix. Strange
Ubuntu & Netflix with Pipelight works too with Netflix

Screenshot of the not-working Netflix:

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