Friday, May 8, 2009

Help needed: Remote Desktop from Ubuntu to Windows Vista Home Premium over IPv6

I'm looking for help:

I want to use my Ubuntu Linux to access the desktop of a Windows Vista Home Premium over IPv6.

I tried to use rdesktop, but that did not work (even not over IPv4 on a LAN). Reason: Home Premium cannot "receive" Remote Desktop sessions. See screendump: there's only a 'Remote Assistance' option, which is not Remote Desktop. (One of those reasons I don't like Windows.)
There seems to be a hack for this (see, but that resulted in errors. I could try to solve that by de-activating UAC, but it all feels a bit ugly.

I then tried VNC, but all VNC version (original VNC, ultraVNC, tightVNC) seem to have small or big problems with Windows Vista.

So: tips welcome!

PS: Related, but no solution: Tiberius was able to 'Remote Desktop' to Windows XP! This was based on some ipv6 to ipv4 tunnel trick.