Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dutch ISP Introweb does IPv6 (-only)

The Dutch ISP "Introweb" is now offering IPv6 over ADSL. See the Dutch information here:

It's good to see that an ISP actually offers IPv6 instead of talking about what others should do in the RSN future. ;-(

A few things are especially noteworthy:
  • It's a IPv6-only connection. So you need a separate plain IPv4 connection. I think this will mislead IPv6 newcomers that IPv6 needs different hardware, connections, etc.
  • It only costs 6 Euro per month.
  • Only available for a limited number of customers
  • Using a Cisco 8xx DSL router

Furthermore: Introweb has it's own website on IPv6 too: http://[2001:1690:2:4::1:3]/

Kudo's to Introweb for doing IPv6!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

D-Link DIR-825 home router does IPv6

D-Link has introduced a wireless router named DIR-825 which seems to do IPv6. D-Link itself provides very little information about the IPv6. I only found some information in this pdf

This router carries both the silver and gold IPv6 Ready logos, signifying that it not only supports the IPv6 protocol, but is also compatible with IPv6 equipment from other manufacturers. It allows you to move to a 128-bit addressing system and directly connect to anybody in the world using your unique IP address. Using a dual-stack architecture, this router can handle routing for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks at the same time, so you can be assured that your equipment is forward and backward compatible

That information is not very useful.

The German magazine C'T provides a bit more information: IPv6 over PPPoE or DHCPv6 for native IPv6 to the ISP. If that does not work, the DIR-825 will use 6to4 or 6in4 tunnels.

The price is a quite high: 160 Euro.