Monday, May 11, 2015

IPv6 Newsservers

Based on I wrote an oneliner to find out Xsnews resellers that provide IPv6 NNTP access. Oneliner plus result:

$ python | awk '{ print "./ " $1 }' | /bin/sh  | grep -vi unconfigured | grep -i -B1 -e "^200"

Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:1
200 Welcome to Usenet2go
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:121
200 Welcome to Astinews
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:122
200 Welcome to Newsxs
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:126
200 Welcome to Bullcat
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:129
200 Welcome to Unet
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:131
200 Welcome to XS News
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:132
200 Welcome to I-Telligent
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:133
200 Banner Welcome to Aviteo Ltd DE
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:135
200 Welcome to Its Hosted

Better formatting

To get a better formatting, I fed the above list into another oneliner:

$ cat xsnews-resellers-with-ipv6.txt  | grep -vi "\-\-" | awk ' /Newsserver/ { print $NF } /Welcome/ { print substr($0,4+index($0," to ")) }'  | paste - - -d' '

2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:1 Usenet2go
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:121 Astinews
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:122 Newsxs
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:126 Bullcat
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:129 Unet
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:131 XS News
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:132 I-Telligent
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:133 Aviteo Ltd DE
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:135 Its Hosted

So, if you have an account with one of these news providers, you can now access them via IPv6. And if these resellers do not publish a FQDN for their IPv6 newsserver, you can just fill out the IPv6 address in your IPv6 capable newsreader (like SABnzbd)

Newsprovider Xsnews offers IPv6 access

Nice: Newsprovider Xsnews ( offers IPv6 access via its news server

$ telnet nntp
Trying 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:131...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
200 Welcome to XS News
205 Bye. 24 bytes written, 0 accounted.
Connection closed by foreign host.

I did a download test, and got line speed (100 Mbps).

Further analysis has IPv6 address 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:131 has address

Note the last "131" ... that is probably the link.

Xsnews is a wholesaler offering its services to resellers. The list on shows the resellers of Xsnews.

Aeton XSNews
AstiNews XSNews
Bulknews XSNews
EasyUsenet XSNews
Easynews XSNews
Gebruikhet XSNews
NewsConnection XSNews
NewsGrabber XSNews
NewsXS XSNews
Power News XSNews
SimplyUsenet XSNews
SMSUsenet XSNews
SnelNL XSNews
SSL-News XSNews
Surfino XSNews
Usebits XSNews
Usenet2Go XSNews
Usenet4U XSNews
UsenetBucket XSNews
UsenetXL XSNews
Wondernews XSNews
XsNews XSNews
YabNews XSNews

So let's check Yabnews: has address

So same IP address as, except the last byte: 127 instead of 131. So let's check the 'corresponding' IPv6:

$ telnet 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:127 nntp
Trying 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:127...
Connected to 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:127.
Escape character is '^]'.
200 Welcome to an unconfigured NNTP server.
205 Bye. 45 bytes written, 0 accounted.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Bingo. Still "unconfigured NNTP server", but probably reserved for Yabnews.

Old free service ... not anymore

FWIW: in the old days, Xsnews offered free access IPv6, but that NNTP server is not providing news services anymore:

$ telnet nntp
Trying 2001:67c:174:101::1337...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
500 Thank you for testing IPv6. XSNews now offers IPv6 on all packages. Register now at
Connection closed by foreign host.

Note the subtle difference: versus ... so just one dot.