Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Self-scan your IPv6 ports

This is nice site to scan well known ports on your IPv6 system:


Direct link for well known ports:


Direct link for well known ports, plus custom port 12345:


As far as I know, default behaviour of IPv6 enabled modems and Windows is to drop unknown incoming IPv6 sessions (and thus the above port scan); Windows thus mimics NAT behaviour

You can also use lynx to see OPEN ports:

sander@toverdoos:~$ lynx --dump 'http://www6.ipv6.chappell-family.com/cgi-bin6/ipscan-txt.cgi?includeexisting=1&customport0=12345&customport1=&customport2=&customport3=' | grep OPEN

   Port 53 = OPEN   Port 79 = RFSD    Port 80 = OPEN
   OPEN An IPv6 TCP connection was successfully established to this port.

So port 53 and 80 are open on this system.

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