Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dutch ISP Telfort introduces IPv6

After conducting an IPv6 pre-pilot (see, Dutch ISP pilot Telfort has silently introduced IPv6 for all its DSL (VDSL and ADSL) customers. I don't know about its FttH customers. And mobile customers probably have to wait.

Telfort's IPv6 is opt-in; you have to enable it in your Zyxel modem. This is how:

  • Log in on your Zyxel modem at 
  • Go to Network Setting -> Broadband. At the top of that page, check which connection is used: VDSL or ADSL. Then find that entry in the table below, and click on the corresponding "Modify" icon on the far right
  • In the windows that pops up, at "IPv6/IPv4 DualStack" click enable. More below, enable "6to4 Tunneling" and check "6RD Enable". Then click the Apply button
  • Final check: the column IPv6 should now be on "enable" at your VDSL or ADSL line.

That's it. You should now have IPv6. Check via or If not, reboot your  modem and computer once.

Technology used is 6RD. Address prefix is 2A00:CD8::/32

Telfort's mother company KPN yet has to introduce IPv6.


Remco Janssen said...

Good stuff :) Just got dualstack connected :)

Anonymous said...

Draytek user here, I do get an IPv6 address, but no gateway. Therfore packets are only send over the ipv6 interface and non recieved. Any idea?