Monday, November 24, 2008

Solution for IPv4 address shortage: IPv4 hijacking

Instead of introducing IPv6 to solve a possible IPv4 address shortage, ISPs could just hijack IPv4 address spaces from others.

For example: the "Department for Work and Pensions of UK" has the Class A address space – In other words: 16.000.000 IPv4 addresses for this organisation. See the wikipedia.

Using this 51.x.x.x address space to get 16 million real users online is probably more useful. If the "Department for Work and Pensions of UK" doesn't want to sell that IPv4 address space, I think a BGP engineer at an ISP can decide to start using this for the ISP's users (see here).

The only downside is that there will some kind of split horizon. But connectivity for 16 million users could more important than reaching the few public sites (if any) of a small organisation.

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