Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY: Google IPv6 Trusted Tester program

Google has a "IPv6 Trusted Tester program". It means selected IPv6 users can get IPv6 access to Google services. To get selected, Google must trust your ISP and your ISP's IPv6. See here (IPv6) or here (IPv4). Xs4all is a trusted ISP. See here (Dutch!).

What if your ISP is not "trusted" by Google, but your IPv6 is working perfectly, for example via Sixxs or Teredo/Miredo?

No problem: fill out this in your /etc/hosts file:



(That last line with .nl is needed for me because redirects to

Then restart your browser. Go to and it will be over IPv6. You can proof that with tcpdump/wireshark, or get a good feeling with the firefox plugin ShowIP

See included screendump: right bottom corner shows a green IPv6 address.


Blondie said...

Guess what I did? Added in the firefox IP address add on thingy!

Quirinius said...

And? Do you use IPv6, for Google and Gmail?