Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free binary newsserver via Xsnews and IPv6

This is quite incredible: Xsnews offers free access to their binary newsservers over IPv6. I've measured downloads at linespeed (18 Mbps)! It's Xsnews' way to promote IPv6. It works much better than Eweka's and Xs4all's newszilla free IPv6 newsservice.

It's quite easy to get access: fill out your email address on , and then wait a few minutes for the mail to arrive with all information.
The information will look like

Username: ipv6-12345
Password: aaa12345bb

Fill out that information in SABnzbd ( and start downloading! This works on Linux and Mac OS X with IPv6 enabled. If you haven't got IPv6 yet, use miredo.
It works automagically on Windows Vista and Windows 7 thanks to the built-in Teredo IPv6. On Windows XP you have to activate Teredo IPv6 yourself.

If you don't use SABnzbd but an other news downloader, you might need the IPv6 address of, which is: 2a02:d28:5580:c::101:5

Happy downloading!


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. I tried setting this up but i did not know what to put in port: i tried 119, 563 and 8080 but nothing worked..

Do i need port forwarding to use this? Do i have to use this program??


Quirinius said...

First make sure you have IPv6 at all, for example via

If not, xsnews-ipv6 won't work ...

Anonymous said...

Check #2: Congratulations: you have IPv6 name resolving, too. This means you have full IPv6 connectivity and you can visit sites like

Dear friend i got some help from another site and am using gogoCLIENT and newsleecher instead.


Anonymous said...

And now.. registration is closed. Existing accounts limited to about 8 mbit.

Anonymous said...

still works fine for me.

Speed up to 120mbit

Anonymous said...

Apparently you mean 12mbit because it doesn't go higher than that

Anonymous said...

hi its not work, can you maybe please fix it ?