Saturday, May 1, 2010

IPv6 only Vuze

Just for Fun:

It's quite easy (and interesting) to create an IPv6-only Vuze (aka Azureus). This is how:

In Vuze, choose Tools -> Options, and then on the left side choose "IP Filters", and then on the right side check "Enable" and "ALLOW these ranges". Don't fill out any IP address in the white block below. Then click Apply.

The result of this setting is that all IPv4 peers and seeds are blocked, and thus only IPv6 peers and seeds are allowed.

Included are the screendumps of my results downloading an Ubuntu ISO image. I was connected to about 50 IPv6 peers and seeds. Quite nice.

With these results I can see the relative amount of Miredo/Teredo 2001:0:-addresses, 6to4 2002:address, and the other (non-automatic) IPv6 addresses.



DreamingofV6 said...

Check #1: Sorry, you have no IPv6 connectivity. In case you're interested: your IPv4 address is xxxxx

Quirinius said...

On which OS? Windows, Linux or Mac OSX?

Anonymous said...

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