Wednesday, November 16, 2011

IPv6 Fun: "defa:ced"

Funny: Fun with IPv6 addresses ... see

There are much more options than just dead:beef:f00d !

a110:c8ed I allocated an address, just for you.
defa:ced I hate my web designer.
bad:fac:ade Our CSS needs work.
bad:deed Thank you for visiting my site. Really.
be:fa11 As in "what has befallen yon dead server?"
abba:ca:daba Our network is powered by pure magic.
d00:bee Network debugging probably qualifies as "medicinal purposes."
b0:cce:ba11 You know, I only discovered Bocce Ball in my 30s.
5ca1:ab1e Ignore what you see elsewhere, the secret to scalability is in using clever IP addresses.
ca:b0b yummy
fa1:afe1 even more yummy!
b1ab:bed We might need to tighten up our HTML a bit.
bab:b1e We might need to recompress our images a bit.
ba:b00 My sweet baboo!
10ad:ed I bet it has an itchy trigger finger, too.
ba:11ad The entire site is set in iambic pentameter.
a:100f My site doesn't like me.
acc0:1ade Network admins rarely, if ever, hear praise of their work.
aff:ab1e An address for a social networking site if ever I heard one.
ba:ff1e Don't blame me for the contents of this site. The web team reports to a whole different department from the network admins.
ba1:b0a Its the Eye of the Tiger, baby!
ed1:f1ce Look upon my network, ye Mighty, and despair.
5caf:f01d This load balancing tier was intended to be temporary. That was four years ago. Such is the way of things.

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