Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dutch ISP Telfort ends its IPv6 offering

Ouch: It's 2014 and Dutch ISP ends its IPv6 service to its customers.

Telfort started an IPv6 pilot in December 2011 (see my blog post) and offered opt-in IPv6 to all its customers as of March 2013 (see my blog post). And all that ended yesterday, July 28, 2014.

As the reason for ending the IPv6 pilot, Telfort says it's moving to a new datacenter.

Telfort offers no clear plans for re-introduction of IPv6: Telfort refers to its dependency on mother company KPN, which does not offer IPv6 to consumer customers.

So: one step back for IPv6 and Telfort.


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Absurd. Belachelijke stap van Telfort, maar KPN mag zich trouwens ook schamen. De beloftes voor een IPv6 roll-out voor zakelijke fiber klanten lopen nu al drie jaar achter. Dat helpt niet bepaald.