Monday, May 11, 2015

IPv6 Newsservers

Based on I wrote an oneliner to find out Xsnews resellers that provide IPv6 NNTP access. Oneliner plus result:

$ python | awk '{ print "./ " $1 }' | /bin/sh  | grep -vi unconfigured | grep -i -B1 -e "^200"

Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:1
200 Welcome to Usenet2go
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:121
200 Welcome to Astinews
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:122
200 Welcome to Newsxs
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:126
200 Welcome to Bullcat
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:129
200 Welcome to Unet
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:131
200 Welcome to XS News
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:132
200 Welcome to I-Telligent
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:133
200 Banner Welcome to Aviteo Ltd DE
Newsserver is 2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:135
200 Welcome to Its Hosted

Better formatting

To get a better formatting, I fed the above list into another oneliner:

$ cat xsnews-resellers-with-ipv6.txt  | grep -vi "\-\-" | awk ' /Newsserver/ { print $NF } /Welcome/ { print substr($0,4+index($0," to ")) }'  | paste - - -d' '

2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:1 Usenet2go
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:121 Astinews
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:122 Newsxs
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:126 Bullcat
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:129 Unet
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:131 XS News
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:132 I-Telligent
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:133 Aviteo Ltd DE
2001:67c:174:101:0:65:ff02:135 Its Hosted

So, if you have an account with one of these news providers, you can now access them via IPv6. And if these resellers do not publish a FQDN for their IPv6 newsserver, you can just fill out the IPv6 address in your IPv6 capable newsreader (like SABnzbd)

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